Slices of Amy's Margherita pizza on a wooden table

Any Way You Slice It

How retailers can keep the frozen-pizza party rolling Even — perhaps especially — in tough times, simple pleasures such as pizza offer a taste of happier days. Yet, while the past couple of years have been tough, indeed, they’ve also been a boon to the frozen-pizza sector. As we enter a new normal, retailers can keep the party going by …

A selection of Amy's frozen burritos on a wooden plate

Changing Families, Changing Freezers

How shifts in household structure are focusing attention on handheld frozen options American households are changing—and so is their approach to shopping the frozen aisle. How so? Nontraditional families and “live-alones” are making jumbo-sized frozen SKUs less relevant than handheld options that let consumers savor global flavors in fun, single-serving form. So retailers take note: Changing times mean changing your …

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Bringing Plant Based Back to Earth

Why plant-based retailing opportunities are hiding in plain sight Consumers of all stripes are giving plant-based eating a go. But when retailers view the category exclusively through the lens of meat mimics and dairy alternatives, they limit consumers’ choices — and their profit potential. The upshot: The smartest plant-based product mix celebrates the full spectrum of the sector. Plant-based innovation …

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Millennial & Gen Z Buying Habits Spell Growing Opportunity for Plant-Based

Family health and social responsibility key drivers in purchasing decisions for younger demographics Millennial and Gen Z consumers are changing their eating habits, placing a growing importance on healthy, sustainable options. For some millennials, the main driver in this shift in spending behavior is the desire to accommodate a healthier lifestyle for both themselves and their growing families, which often …

A can of Amy's lentil soup on a table

Premium Options Offer Retailers Big Opportunity

What grocers need to know about consumers’ inclination toward high quality, premium brands The COVID-19 pandemic changed how consumers behave in many ways, from increasing dependence on e-commerce to turning homes into schools and offices to altering how consumers eat and shop. When it came to feeding their families, the pandemic led more people to eat at home much more, …

What’s Driving the Global Foods Sales Boom?

The pandemic has changed the way Americans eat and shop, likely for the long term. At the onset of COVID-19, many people grew tired of cooking every single meal at home and missed the global flavors they would typically experience eating out. As a result, they turned to prepared and frozen foods to bridge the gap between home-cooked meals and …


What’s Driving Grocery Sales in 2021?

As we look ahead and assess consumer needs and preferences post pandemic, there are clear trends that emerged and gained steam over the past year that don’t show any signs of slowing in 2021 and beyond. These four trends signal big opportunities for growth in center store.